Monday, October 5, 2009

We had a three day weekend (thanks to Eid) and so we went to Tobago to complete our Advanced Diver Certification: three dives the first day, three the second, and two the third. On one, we had to measure a wreck underwater using our arm-widths, which is difficult to keep accurate when you’re hovering in water, on another, we landed right in a swarm of jelly fish that we tried to fight off, video-game style, by spraying the air in our regulators at them, and, on one other, we had to abort the dive completely when the dive master disappeared. We had to spice up our dives somehow, because up until this point, our diving experiences have been pretty calm.
We stayed in Charlotteville, a sleepy fishing town just past Speyside. I love it there. One of the nights, all the electricity in the town went out and we went outside and watched the sun fall and the moon rise.
On our way back, we decided to just do the two dives instead of three….which turned out to be a good move because the ferry, the last ferry of the day, decided to leave an hour and a half earlier than the stated departure time. We just made it.