Monday, February 22, 2010

Kiddie Carnival

The time, creativity, and love put into the Kiddie Carnival costumes overwhelms me. Every time I look up..

Aaron was ready to move on long before I was, so we ran into a now-normal occurrence we never met before we moved here: what do we do when we want to do different things? It’s not that Trinidad is the most dangerous place on Earth, but, still, we don’t take unnecessary risks…which means we stay together. All the time. I’ve gone to the gym and I’ve gone to the mall a few times by myself, during the day only, in the last year and a half, but that’s it. Fortunately, we share hobbies and enjoy each other’s company, so it hasn’t been much of an issue beyond existing as an imminent conversation. Still, it has been an adjustment to become a constant-couple as opposed to a couple-who-hops-on-our-bikes-and-meets-up-later-without-any-hesitation.

But, surrounded by parents filling their brightly-colored kiddos with popsicles to keep them cool in the blazing sun, I got to dip my toes back into some independence. And flit around for hours snapping photos. On my own. There’s much to love about the spirit of Carnival.