Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party

Two examples of Trini-style dancing: wining. We may still have some work to do before complete mastery.

The best staff party ever.


jenbaum said...

You guys look great! I am so excited for you to be having such a great experience as you get settled! :)

vacca said...

Hi Aaron and Katie. Your blog is great and it looks like you're having an awesome time (hashing, baby turtles, liming, international day, your house! and driving-yikes).
I'm having a good year at Alderwood, but you're both missed. I'm chairing a committee on reducing paper consumption at AMS, Aaron you're a member in spirit until your return. Congratulations on your National Boards Katie. I'm off to Cuba on x-mas day until Jan 11th. Just had 3 snow days and more snow to come. Seen any good birds yet? Take Care- Shelli