Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

Then, my family came down for Christmas. We took the ferry over to Tobago, which turned out to be four hours instead of two because only one motor worked. I think this would also be the reason that over half of the people on the boat puked. What was funny was that the ferry left Port of Spain at 6AM, and everybody immediately got in line to get the huge breakfasts. About half an hour into it is when the four-hour barfarama started.

Besides that, Tobago was even better the second time. We went to a more secluded part of the island made up of great views, clear water, and white sand. We celebrated Christmas scratching mosquito bites, hiking to a waterfall that looked like a movie set, and eating a local delicacy, ham bread (a sweater of bread cooked over an entire ham.)
It was pretty fantastic. And the ride back was a piece of cake.

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jenbaum said...

now I get it! You were busy coming up with all great things to blog about! :) What an amazing Christmas for your family!!!!