Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steel Pan

Steel Pan bands are gearing up for Carnival's 2009 Panarama, when bands compete for fame and glory. What's cool is that the panyards are located all over the city, so when you're driving around at night, you can hear lots of different bands. We were coming home from a hash last weekend and heard some pan, so we parked to check it out. Turns out that judges visit each one to evaluate them--these are the medium sized bands. Large crowds of people follow the judges, Pied Piper style, from panyard to panyard. So did we. The energy at these performances was outrageous and contagious.

Woodbrook Modernairs


What's not so cool is there is one by our house as well that practices Monday-Thursday from about 10P M-1AM. The same song. And our AC in our room just broke so we now sleep with our windows and doors open, so it really feels like they are practicing in our living room. Plus, the neighborhood dogs don't want to be out done, so they add their own melodies. It's quite a show.

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