Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hanuman Murti and the Temple-on-the-Sea

School's out so we get to play around Trinidad! We went to Carapichaima to visit Hanuman Murti, the tallest representation of the Hindu god Hanuman (85 ft.) outside of India. The Hanuman, elephant, temple and nearby yoga retreat (pink building) are so detailed and colorful--they give off a much different vibe than Catholic cathedrals.

Not too far from Hanuman Murti is Waterloo Temple. This was built by Sewdass Sadhu in 1947, but was torn down by the sugar cane farmers right after it was finished. To avoid this the second time, he decided to build it in the sea. It took him 25 years to complete by himself, and afterward, a small path was built to connect the temple to the shore.

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