Sunday, June 6, 2010

80 pounds of Tarpon

Trinidad boasts more holidays than any other country in the world. Thursday was Corpus Christi and one of our student’s parents invited us to go fishing with him off the coast. We woke up at 6 to grab some doubles for breakfast and met him at the docks to go find some tarpon. After a few hours of chatting and classic rock, we started playing soca on The Striker’s new stereo. Immediately, the fish began rolling on the surface as if they were revelers on Carnival Monday. Aaron took advantage of the distraction and hooked an 80 pounder, reenacting The Old Man and the Sea, as he fought him for about half an hour. He kept asking me to wipe his brow, call him Ernest, and hand him another beer. The one I pulled in a little bit later was about half that size and came in fairly quickly. After releasing them, they’d lay in the water for a little, completely exhausted after the brawl. But Steve, the real fisherman among us, patted them gently and they’d wake up and flee.

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